The Best Thigh Exercises
Thigh Slimming Exercises and
Thigh Toning Exercises

This page lists some of the best thigh exercises.

Now, before we get to the exercises, I want to talk a little about how leg exercises can help to tone your thighs or slim down your thighs.

Thigh Toning Exercises

First, let's talk about toning your thighs. There are 2 ways to tone up your thighs...

#1 Lose Body Fat and
#2 Firm up Your Muscles

Most people need to focus on both factors.

Strength training exercises are the best way to firm up your muscles. There are many skinny people with flabby muscles. Strength training will help to firm up flabby muscles.

Strength training with weights helps to support a healthy metabolism and adding in weight lifting exercises can help you to lose body fat.

Although strength training helps to lose body fat, you should take a comprehensive approach to losing body fat to tone your thighs.

In order to lose body fat, you'll need to focus on aerobic exercise and a healthy fat burning diet plan.

So in order to tone your thighs, you should perform weight training exercises, aerobic exercise, and eat a fat burning diet.

Thigh Slimming Exercises

Okay, thigh slimming is almost exactly the same thing as thigh toning. However, I'll just say this... if you already exercise your legs regularly; you may need to focus more on losing body fat than on firming up your muscles.

If you are currently doing thigh and leg exercises, you may need to focus more on aerobic exercise and healthy eating to lose body fat.

3 Areas of Thigh Muscles

There are 3 areas of the thighs-- the inner thigh (adductor muscles), the front of the thigh (quadriceps muscle), and the back of the thigh (hamstrings).

Often on infomercials people talk about the outer thigh, but the outer thigh is formed by the quadriceps muscle which is located on the front of the thigh and wraps around to the outside of the thigh bone (femur).

Inner Thigh Exercises

The Adductor Muscles are located on the inner thigh, and they pull the hip in towards the center of your body.

Some common adductor/ inner thigh exercises are...
Standing Cable Adduction
Side Lying Ankle Weight Adductions
Seated Adductor / Inner Thigh Machine

Quad Exercises

The Quadriceps are located on the front of the thigh, and they straighten your knee and assit with bending your hip.

Some common quad exercises are...
Leg Extension Machine
Leg Press Machine

Hamstring Exercises

The Hamstrings are located on the back of the thigh, and they bend the knee and assist and straightening the hip.

Some common hamstring exercises are...
Lying Leg Curls
Stiff Leg Dead lift

Overall Thigh and Leg Exercises

You can focus on each thigh muscle group individually with isolation exercises or you can work them all at the same time with multi-joint exercises like squats and lunges.

Squats and lunges tend to focus a little more on the butt and quads, but the hamstrings, inner thigh, calfs, and ankles also work during those exercises.

Squats and lunges also improve balance and coordination and burn more calories than isolation exercises because you are using more muscles.

If I had to pick, I would say that squats and lunges are the 2 best thigh exercises. All the other exercises should complement squats and lunges.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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