Inner Thigh Exercise
Ankle Weight Leg Lifts

This page has pictures of an inner thigh exercise with ankle weights.

Ankle weights are very versatile, and you can actually use them to work your hips in many different directions simply by changing your position.

Some ankle weights are adjustable, but generally 1-5 pound ankle weights will be heavy enough for this exercise. If you are really strong, you may use an ankle weight that is up to 10 pounds.

Ankle Weight Inner Thigh Lifts

Starting Position: Secure the ankle weight around your ankle. Lie on your side and place your top leg in front of your bottom leg.

Form: While keeping your leg straight, exhale and lift your leg off the floor. Hold for a brief second at the top and then slowly lower to the starting position.

inner thigh exercisesinner thigh exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: Make sure you keep your body in a straight line throughout.

Move in a slow and controlled manner.

Perform 15-25 repetitions on each leg.


Ankle weights can be a great tool for isolating the thigh and hip muscles. In addition to moving inwards, you can also move outwards, forwards, or backwards to work the other hip and thigh muscles.

But make sure that you include standing leg exercises and multi-joint leg exercises in your workout. Standing leg exercises are more functional. When you stand up you work more on improving balance, coordination, and core stability.

You can better improve the functions of walking, running, and jumping if you perform exercises such as squats and lunges. So make sure that if you use ankle weights you also include other thigh and leg exercises in your workouts.

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