Articles About Leg Exercises
And Leg Workout Tips

This page has links to fitness articles about leg exercises. It also has leg workout tips, and information about lower body training, and leg injuries.

For pictures and instructions on how to perform certain leg strengthening exercises, simply click on the links in the navigation bar to find exercises for a specific part of the lower body.

The 3 Most Common Barbell Exercises for the Legs

Leg Toning and Thigh Toning Exercises with Ankle Weights

The Best Inner Thigh Exercises:
Different Ways to Work your Inner Thigh Muscles

How to do Leg Extensions

Multi-joint Versus Single Joint Quadriceps Exercises

What's the difference between seated and standing calf raises?

The best leg and thigh exercises for women.

What are the Best Outer Thigh Exercises?

Standing Exercises for the Legs versus Seated Exercises for the Legs

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