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Ball Squats Leg Exercise

This site has pictures of the best leg strengthening exercises, and this page talks about Ball Squats against a wall.

Ball Squats are a little different from regular bodyweight squats or barbell squats. With each type of squat one of the biggest differences is the position of your center of gravity. Because of the shift in center of gravity, ball squats will put slightly more emphasis on the front of the thigh (quads). Whereas, the barbell squat will place slightly more emphasis on the back of the thigh and hips (butt).

In addition, each variation of the squat has different flexibility requirements. The Ball squat requires the least amount of flexibility, so it's a good place to start for beginners (both men and women).

Ball Squats Leg Exercise

Starting Position: Begin by placing a stability ball against a wall at the level of your lower back. The ball should be above your hips. Place your feet slightly in front of the ball.

Form: Inhale as you slowly bend your knees and lower towards the floor. Continue down until your hips are bent about 90 degrees. Hold for a brief second at the bottom, then exhale and return to the starting position.

best leg exercisesbest leg exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: You can use dumbbells if you feel bodyweight squats are too easy. Move in a slow and controlled motion.

Be mindful of your alignment. Make sure that your feet are pointing forward and keep your ankles, knees, and hips in good alignment.

Once you have mastered the ball squat, try squats without the ball or move up to the advanced barbell squat.

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