Quad Sets:
Knee Rehabilitation Exercises

There are many knee rehabilitation exercises. Quad sets are used to re-train the quadriceps after a knee injury.

Quad Sets are a simple isometric exercise that is designed to strengthen the quadriceps following a knee injury.

Isometric exercises are simply exercises in which there is no movement in your joints. Isometric exercises place less stress on the joints than exercises that require movement, so this is why many rehab programs include isometric exercises.

When the quadriceps contracts it compresses the knee joint. This is a normal biomechanical process, and the compression actually increases the stability of the knee.

However, when your knee is swollen or painful the body naturally limits how much your quadriceps can contract.

It's basically a hard-wired protective mechanism. Since the muscles add pressure, the body limits how strong the muscle can be so that the muscle doesn't add too much pressure to an injured or inflamed area.

When there is swelling in the knee from any type of injury, the quadricep muscle "shuts down", becomes weak, and doesn't work as well.

That's where quad sets come in.

Once swelling and pain has subsided, you must re-train your quadriceps to contract at full capacity.

Below is a picture and description of how to perform this knee exercise.

Quad Sets: Isometric Quadriceps Exercise
Knee Rehabilitation Exercises

This is a simple exercise.

Starting Position: Simply, sit with your leg straight out in front of you.

Form: While keeping your foot flexed and your toes pulled up towards your shin, contract your quadricep muscle.

Keep squeezing your quads for 10 seconds and then relax the muscle.

Perform 10 repetitions holding for 10 seconds each rep.

physcial therapy knee strengthening exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: You should do this exercise at least 3 times a week, but you can do this exercise 6-7 days.

Conclusion: Knee Rehabilitation Exercises

In addition to quad sets, short arc quads, and straight leg raises are also commonly used as physical therapy knee rehab exercises.

These exercises sometimes helps to eliminate minor knee pain in people who run, play sports, or workout at a gym. But remember that if you are suffering from knee pain, you should speak with a licensed health professional about your specific condition.

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