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There are many inner thigh exercises to choose from, this page talks about the different ways you can work you inner thigh muscles.

But before I talk about the different thigh exercises, I want to make a quick point about all exercises. One of the biggest myths in fitness is the spot reduction myth.

Spot Reduction refers to the ability to lose fat in a specific spot by doing exercises for the muscles in that spot. But you cannot spot reduce body fat with targeted exercises.

Weight training and targeted exercises help to tone your muscles, build lean tissue, strengthen your muscles, improve function, improve sports performance, prevent injury, and speed up your metabolism. But, unfortunately, weight lifting exercises cannot spot reduce fat.

If you want to lose body fat on your thighs or anywhere else in your body, you must take a comprehensive approach to fitness and include strength exercises (for your entire body), cardio and aerobic exercises, and good nutrition.

Okay here are some ways to work your inner thigh muscles.

Inner Thigh Exercises

Cables: You can work your inner thigh while you're standing with a cable machine.

This is probably my favorite isolation exercise for the inner thigh because it improves your balance and core strength, while also improving hip strength and stability.

Ankle Weights: Ankle weights are a simple way to work your inner thigh muscles. You can even do this exercise at home.

Body Weight: If ankle weights are too heavy or if you don't have ankle weights, you can do inner thigh lifts with no weights.

For many beginners the weight of the leg and thigh is heavy enough to get a good burn in the inner thigh muscles.

Standing Hip Machine: Some gyms have a standing multi-axial hip machine. This machine has an adjustable pad so that you can work your hip in every direction.

If your gym doesn't have this machine, you can use a cable machine to work your hip in all the same directions.

Seated Inner Thigh Machine: The seated inner thigh machine is probably one of the most popular thigh machines in the fitness world.

In fact, in one survey, women said that the seated inner thigh machine was the #1 or #2 piece of equipment they wanted in a gym (treadmill was the other #1 or #2 piece of exercise equipment).

Total Leg Exercises: So many people focus on isolating the inner thigh muscles because they feel that is the best way to get rid of the fat on the inner thigh. But isolating the inner thigh is not the best way to get rid of fat on the thighs.

Doing exercises like squats, lunges, and the leg press are far superior for overall shaping, toning, and fat burning-- and the inner thigh muscles actually work when you do squats and lunges.


If you have extra time in your workout and want to include isolating exercises, go for it. Inner thigh exercises that are isolation exercises can serve a benefit in certain situations, but remember that you cannot spot reduce fat in any area of the body by doing targeted exercises for that area.

Make sure that you include overall leg exercises in your workout if you want to tone your things and lose fat on your thighs.

And if your goal is to get rid of fat, you must also include aerobic exercise in your fitness program and eat a healthy fat burning diet.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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