Best Hip Exercises
For Leg and Hip Workouts

Here are some of the best hip exercises to include in your hip workouts.

Your hip moves in many directions and many leg exercises work the hips. Multi-joint exercises like lunges, squats, and the leg press machine all work the hip muscles.

On this page, we will focus on single joint hip strengthening exercises. Single joint exercises simply focus on the hip by itself without much emphasis on the knee or ankle.

The hip can move forwards (flexion), backwards (extension), out to the side (abduction), and in towards the middle (adduction).

You can exercise your hip in each direction to strengthen individual hip muscles with many different tools.

Hip Strengthening Exercises with Ankle Weights

Flexion/ Forward
Extension/ Backward
Adduction/ Inward
Abduction/ Outward

Hip Strengthening Exercises with Cables

Flexion (forwards)
Extension (backwards)
Adduction (inwards)
Abduction (outwards)

Hip Machine Exercises

Multi-axial Hip Machine

Seated Hip Machines
Seated Inner Thigh Machine (Hip Adduction Machine)
Seated Outer Thigh Machine (Hip Abduction Machine)

Bodyweight Hip Strengthening Exercises


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