Learn The Best Hamstring Exercises for Men and Women. Tone Flabby Thighs or Build Rock Solid Legs

This page has some of the best hamstring exercises. The hamstrings are located on the back of the thigh.

These exercises can be used by both men and women to either tone flabby thighs or build lean muscle in the hamstrings.

The hamstrings have 2 main actions. They bend the knee and straighten the hip. To work them in isolation you would focus on bending the knee, but the hamstrings also work with the glutes to extend (straighten) the hip.

There are many different ways you can exercise your hamstrings. You can use machines, ankle weights, dumbbells and barbells, or even just your body weight.

Machines Exercises for the Hamstrings

Lying (prone) Hamstring Curl Machine: 2 legs

Seated Hamstring Curl Machine

Kneeling Hamstring Curl Machine

Ankle Weights

Standing Hamstring Curl
Quadruped (All Fours) Hamstring Curl

Dumbbell Exercises for the Hamstrings

Stiff Leg Dead Lift (2 legs)
Stiff Leg Dead Lift (1 leg)

Barbell Exercises for the Hamstrings

Stiff Leg Dead lift (2 legs)
Stiff Leg Dead Lift (1 leg)

Ball Hamstring Strengthening Exercises

Lying Ball Hamstring Curl (2 legs)

Additional Hamstring Strengthening Exercises

In these exercises, the hamstrings for with the glute and butt muscles to extend the hip.

Leg Press

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