1 Leg Bridges on a Bosu Ball
Glute Exercises for Women and Men

If you are looking for effective glute exercises for women and men, look no further. You will find all the best glute exercises on this site.

Strong glutes are so important for both men and women, because the glutes stabilize the hips, pelvis and knee.

Bridges by themselves will strengthen the glutes, but if you add a stability challenge you can get even greater improvements in strength, stability, balance, and coordination.

The Bosu Ball is a great tool to increase you stability, and if you place your foot on a Bosu Ball when you are doing bridges, you will work your glutes much harder.

Below are pictures of 1 leg bridges on a Bosu Ball with the knee bent. When the knee is bent there is slightly more emphasis on the glutes compared with the hamstrings, and there is slightly more emphasis on the hamstrings when the knee is straight.

Glute Exercises for Women and Men:
1 Leg Bridges on a Bosu Ball With the Knee Bent

Starting Position: Lie on your back and place one foot on a Bosu Ball, with the dome side up. Lift one leg, but keep your thighs parallel. And, place your hands at your sides.

Form: Exhale and push through your heel and ball of your foot until your body is parallel to your thigh. Hold for a brief second at the top of the range of motion, and then slowly lower to the starting position.

Aim for 5-20 repetitions on each leg.

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Personal Trainer tips: If you feel your hamstrings (muscles on the back of your thigh) cramping during this exercise, try stretching both the hamstrings and the hip flexors.

You can place the opposite leg in many different positions to change the challenge of this exercise.

You can point the opposite leg up towards the ceiling or you can lift your opposite leg 1 inch off the bosu while keeping it in-line with your opposite leg. Experiment with the positions an stick with the one you like the best.

It is also important to be mindful of the position of your lower back during this exercise. Use your abdominal muscles to prevent your back from arching excessively.

If the 1 leg version is too difficult, first practice the 2 leg version of bridges on a Bosu Ball.

Conclusion: Glute Exercises for Women and Men

Bridges are only one way to work your butt muscles, but it is very important to also do standing glute exercises like squats and lunges.

Squats and lunges really are the best glute exercises!

So, it is also important to include standing multi-joint leg exercises like squats or lunges in your butt workout.

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Dr. Charles PT/PT

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