2 Leg Bosu Ball Bridges: Bent Knees
Effective Butt Exercises on a Bosu Ball

Bosu Ball Bridges are one of the most effective butt exercises, and they also work the core muscles.

The Bosu Ball is a great piece of core exercise equipment and it can be used to enhance core stability. If you place your feet on a Bosu Ball while doing bridges, you will get increased muscle work and improvements in stability.

Below are pictures of bridges on a Bosu Ball to tone the butt and hamstrings.

Butt Toning Exercises on a Bosu Ball

Starting Position: Lie on your back and place both heels on a Bosu Ball. Keep your feet parallel.

Form: Exhale and push through your heels until your body is parallel to your thighs. Hold for a brief second at the top of the range of motion, and then slowly lower to the starting position.

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Personal Trainer tips: Really focus on squeezing the glutes at the top of the motion and move in a slow and controlled manner.

To build up stability and endurance, move slowly and perform 12-25 repetitions.

Also, be mindful of the position of your lower back during this exercise. Use your core muscles to prevent your back from arching excessively.

Once this becomes easy, you can progress your strength by trying this butt exercise with 1 leg on the Bosu ball.

Conclusion: Effective Butt Exercises

In addition to isolation movements like bridges, you should really include standing exercises like squats and lunges in your butt workout.

Squats and lunges really are the best butt exercises.

So, it is also important to include standing multi-joint leg exercises like squats or lunges in your butt workout.

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