Best Dumbbell Exercises for the Legs
Best Leg Exercises with Dumbbells

On this site you can learn all the best dumbbell exercises for the legs. Many of the best leg exercises involve dumbbells.

You don't always need $5,000 leg machines to really work your legs. Dumbbells are relatively cheap and they are so versatile.

If you have a couple pairs of dumbbells in your home, you can get a full leg workout.

Benefit of Using Dumbbells in Your Leg Workout

There are many benefits of using dumbbells to work your leg muscles compared with leg machines.

Generally speaking you are sitting when you use leg workout machines. But if you think about life, sports, and daily tasks, most of those activities require your legs to be strong when you are standing up.

Standing leg exercises are more functional, and you get more carry-over to standing activities when you workout standing up.

This is so simple, but so many people don't think about it when they workout... If you want to improve running, walking, or jumping, you will improve it more when you do standing leg exercises compared with leg machines.

So a major benefit of dumbbell exercises is that they are highly functional and tend to improve other aspects of your life to a higher degree that sitting down on leg machines.

With dumbbells, you get improvements in balance, coordination, ankle stability, hip stability, and core stability.

In many cases dumbbells are far superior to leg machines.

Here are some of the best leg exercises with dumbbells.

Dumbbell Exercises for the Legs

Dumbbell Squats
Ball Squats
Bosu Ball Squats (dome up)
Bosu Ball Sqauts (dome down)
Plie Squat/ Sumo Squats
Static Lunges
Walking Lunges
Forward Lunges
Reverse Lunges
Side Lunges
Step Ups
Side Steps
Stiff Leg Dead lift
One leg Stiff Leg Dead lifts
Dumbbell Calf Raises

Body Weight Exercises

Obviously, you can perform all the above exercises without dumbbells and simply use you own body weight.

One of the great things about body weight exercises is that you can perform them anytime and anywhere. You can easily do squats, lunges, calf raises, and 1 leg dead lifts with no weights in your living room or in a hotel room.

But if using your body weight becomes too easy, simply hold on to dumbbells to push the intensity back up.


If you only use leg machine in your workouts, consider adding in a few dumbbell exercises for your legs. You get more ankle, knee, and hip stability when you stand up with dumbbells, and you'll generally burn a lot more calories with the above exercises then if you're sitting on a machine.

The best leg exercises are those that work all your leg muscles at the same time while you are standing up.

So grab a pair of dumbbells and take your leg workout to the next level.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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