Learn the Best Calf Exercises
Strengthen and Your Calf Muscles

Calf Exercises can be a great complement to any fitness and workout program, but they are often neglected by most people.

The calfs are the biggest muscles that influence the ankles, so they really contribute to overall ankle strength. In addition to contributing to balance, the calf muscles are important for walking, running, and jumping.

The calf muscles main action is pointing the toes (plantar flexion) or standing on your tippy toes.

Here are some of the best exercises to strengthen your calfs.

2 Leg Calf Raises on a Step
1 Leg Calf Raises on a Step

Standing Calf Raise Machine (2 Legs)
Standing Calf Raise Machine (1 Leg)

Seated Calf Raise Machine

Calf Raises on a Leg Press Machine

Plyometric Exercises for the Calf Muscles

In addition to traditional weight lifting exercises, you can include plyometric exercise in your workout to strengthen your calf muscles.

Plyometric Exercises are basically jumping exercises, and plyometrics are essential for developing speed and vertical leap.

Calf Workouts

Killer Calf Workout #1
1 Leg Calf Raises on a Step

Killer Calf Workout #2
Seated Calf Raises, Standing Calf Raises, and 1 Leg Calf Raises

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