Cable Exercises for The Legs and Hips
Hip and Ankle Exercises with Cables

Cable Exercises are some of the best exercises to improve your balance. Also, using the cables can really strengthen your ankles, knees, and hips in a functional way.

Balance is one of the most often neglected aspects of fitness, and it is generally neglected even more than stretching. But having good balance is essential to optimal performance and injury prevention.

If you look at most sports and life tasks, your legs need to be strong when you are standing. Unfortunately, when you sit down on a leg machine, you don't improve balance or coordination.

You can use an ankle cuff and a cable machine to strengthen all your hip muscles at the same time you work on improving balance.

Top 4 Hip Motions with the Cable Machine

There are 4 main hip motions that you can perform. They are forwards (flexion), backwards (extension), out to the side (abduction), and inwards (adduction).

Flexion (forwards)
Extension (backwards)
Adduction (inwards)
Abduction (outwards)

If you want to isolate hip motions, the cables offer much more benefit than the floor or other seated leg machines.

When you stand on one leg, the ankle muscles and hip muscles on the standing leg must work really hard to keep your body stabilized while the other muscles are working to move your opposite hip.


Balance exercises are very important, so when you are using a cable machine try to progress to the point of not holding on to the machine for support. Use your ankle and hip muscles to keep your body stabilized.

These 4 exercises are great for improving balance and increasing hip stability. And they are great for athletes, the general population, and people who have experienced knee injuries or lower body injuries.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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