Bent Knee Ball Bridges
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Glute exercises play in important role in core stability, and they are important for both men and women.

When the glutes are strong, the pelvis and hips are more stable. A stable pelvis can help to decrease the risk of lower back problems, and strong hip muscles can support the hip, knee, and ankle joints.

Below are the pictures for bent knee bridges on a stability ball.

Glute Exercises: Bent Knee Ball Bridges

Starting Position: Begin by lying on the floor and place your feet flat on top of a stability ball with your knees bent.

Form: Engage your abdominal muscles in order to stabilize your lower back. Then, exhale and lift your hips off the floor by pushing through your feet. Hold for a brief second and then slowly lower to the starting position.

best butt exercisesbest butt exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: Move in a slow and controlled manner and perform 10-25 repetitions.

You may feel a ton of muscle work in the back of your thigh (hamstrings) during this exercise-- this is normal.

Note: If you feel cramping in the back of your thighs or if you feel your range of motion is limited, stretch your hip flexors (front of the hip), hamstrings (back of the thigh), and lower back. Stiffness in your hips and lower back can limit your range of motion and decrease the effectiveness of this butt exercise.

If you have trouble stabilizing yourself on the ball try
2 leg floor bridges or
1 leg floor bridges.

And if you like the ball you can also try adding straight leg bridges on the stability ball.

Bridges are a great glute and butt exercises, but squats, lunges, and the leg press machine are also key parts of a great glute and butt workout.

Don't forget to include squats and lunges in your workouts.

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