Learn The Best Leg Exercises
With Ankle Weights

Ankle Weights are a versatile piece of exercise equipment. You can work many different muscles simply by changing your position.

This page has links to pictures of some of the best leg exercises you can do with weights around your ankles.

Hip Flexion:
Straight Leg Raises for the Quad and Hip Flexor

The quads and hip flexors help to pull the hip forwards, and straight leg raises are a great quad and hip flexor exercise that are sometimes used by physical therapists to strengthen the knee and hip.

hip exercises

Learn more about Straight Leg Raises.

Hip Abduction:
Outer Hip Leg Raises for the Gluteus Medius

The muscles that pull your hips out to the side are called the hip abductors (gluteus medius). This hip exercise can be done while lying on your side.

hip exercises

Learn more about this hip exercise.

Hip Adduction:
Inner Thigh Leg Raises

The muscles that pull your hips to the inside are called the adductors. Just remember that working your inner thigh will not magically get rid of the fat under your skin.

hip exercises

Learn more about this hip exercise.

Hip Extension:
Butt, Glute, and Hamstring Strengthening

You can also do glute kick backs to strengthen the glutes and hamstrings and also tone your butt muscles.

hip exercises

Learn more about this hip exercise.

Knee Flexion:
Leg Curl Hamstring Exercise

From your hands and your knees you can work the back of your thigh and hamstring muscles.

hip exercises

Learn more about this hamstring exercise.


If you use ankle weights, you can work every hip muscle and thigh muscle in isolation, but it is also very important to work all of your leg muscles at the same time in a more functional way.

Squats, lunges, step ups, and dead lifts are the most functional exercises. These leg exercises work all your lower body muscles at the same time, and should be a part of any fitness routine.

If you walk, run, or play sports you should definitely include exercises that work your legs while you're standing up.

Learn some of the best overall leg exercises.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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