Learn The Best Ankle Exercises:
How to Strengthen Weak Ankles

This website has the best ankle exercises, so you can learn how to strengthen weak ankles.

In most fitness programs, the ankles are completely neglected. Yet, the feet and ankles form the foundation for your entire body when you are standing.

If you have strong ankles, you will be less likely to get lower body injuries and you will also perform at a higher level.

Having strong ankles will improve your speed, increase your agility, improve your balance, and protect your knees and hips from injury.

There are 4 main motions at the ankles. You can point your toes (plantar flexion) or lift your toes towards your shin (dorsiflexion). You can also turn your ankle in (inversion) or turn your ankle out (eversion).

Calf Exercises work on the plantar flexion motion because you point your toes. Most people know a couple of calf exercises, but the other motions are the ones that are most neglected.

Dorsiflexion: Lifting up the toes towards the shin

Ankle Weight Dorsiflexion
Cable Dorsiflexion
Dorsiflexion Machine

Inversion: Turning In

Ankle Weight Inversion

Eversion: Turning Out

Ankle Weight Eversion

Plantar Flexion: Pointing the Toes

Plantar flexion is pointing the toes or going on to your tip toes. Going on to your toes really strengthens the calf muscles, and strong calf muscles really support weak ankles.

Here are some of the best calf exercises.

Balance Exercises for the Ankles

In addition to isolation ankle exercises, you can improve your ankle strength by practicing balance exercises.

A balance exercise is generally an exercise done while standing on one leg. However, you can also challenge your balance by standing on an unstable surface with 2 legs.

It is important to strengthen the ankles and work on improving balance, so don't neglect ankle and balance exercises.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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