Learn the Best Leg Exercises
Ankle, Hip, and Knee Exercises

Here you can learn all the best leg exercises and get free leg workouts.

This site is All About the Legs.

My name is Charles Inniss, and I am both a physical therapist and personal trainer. I will work diligently to build the best lower body exercise website on the internet.

Here you'll learn...
The Best Ankle Exercises
The Best Calf Exercises
The Best Knee Exercises
The Best Hamstring Exercises
The Best Thigh Exercises
The Best Butt Exercises and
The Best Hip Exercises

In addition, you'll get free leg workouts or you can use all the leg exercises on this site to create your own leg workouts.

I will also have sections on knee injuries, ankle injuries, and hip injuries.

My goal is to make this website the best resource on the internet for fitness information about leg exercises.

If you've found this site in the early stages, please come back often as I will be updating it constantly.

I truly hope that it helps you reach your fitness goals.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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